Human and Ecological Security Program for the NSTP Ready for Piloting

The Human and Ecological Security (HES) Modules developed by a consortium of NGOs composed of the Maximo T. Kalaw Institute for Sustainable Development, the Haribon Foundation and the Earth Restoration Corps-Philippines for the National Service Training Program (NSTP) is now ready for piloting.

These modules will operationalize the NSTP in some schools and universities in Manila, Benguet, Mindoro, Zambales and Palawan using the framework of Sustainable Development and Human and Ecological Security, with the objectives of:

  • Expanding the concept of security to human and ecological security;
  • Applying the principles of sustainable development to civic service and defense, as provided for in the NSTP; and
  • Stimulating the students’ interest and inclination towards undertakings, initiatives and projects on integral citizenship.

The consortium is now at the stage of coordinating with select schools in Metro Manila and nearby provinces to firm up details necessary for the piloting, including conduct of a teachers’ training.

For details, please contact Ms. Baboo MondoƱedo and Ms. Ciela Sarmiento telephone no. (02) 631-7989; telefax no. (02) 631-7084 or e-mail [email protected]